Glossary  continued


Scear                                    The L-shaped arm, found only on a Sidelock, which rotates slightly, in a vertical plane, when the trigger is pressed, and has a ‘nose’ that engages with the half-cock and full-cock notches in the tumbler.  It is sometimes spelled ‘sear’.   


Scear-spring                      A small spring that presses the nose of the scear against the tumbler in a side lock, the scear-tip of the trigger against the tumbler in a “Queen-Anne” pistol, and the scear-tip of the trigger against the base of the cock in a Boxlock.  It is sometimes spelled “sear-spring”.  


Screw-barrel                    A period name for ‘rifled barrel’, qv.


Screw                                   A foreshortened term for ‘side-screw” qv. In the flintlock period it was often called a “nail” or “side-nail”.  


Sear                                       An alternative spelling of ‘Scear’, qv


Sear-spring                        An alternative spelling of ‘Scear-spring’ qv.


Set-trigger                          A servo-mechanism which enabled the trigger-pressure required to fire the pistol to be substantially reduced.  It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Hair Trigger’


Shoddy                                A bag made of left-over cuttings of material from blanket factories in which pistols were often supplied before the advent of ‘cases’, qv.


Sidelock pistol                 Refer to definition PXXXX


Sideplate                             A decorative metal plate, on a Sidelock pistol, on the opposite side of the stock from the lock.  The screws that attach the lock to the stock pass through it.  Its purpose is to spread the load of the heads of the screws so that they do not damage the stock.  Decorative sideplates, that serve no similar purpose, were often fitted to “Queen-Anne” pistols.


Side-screw                         The modern term for ‘nail’, a screw that passes through the stock of a Sidelock, and holds the lock to it. 


Side-nail                              A period term for ‘side-screw’, qv.


Single-bridle lock           A Sidelock having a bridle to the tumbler qv but not the frizzen qv.


Slides (Barrel slides)     another name for wedges, qv.


Spanish barrel                  A barrel-shape developed in Spain but popular in England around 17XX ~ 17XX, the breech-end half being octagonal and the front half round, with turned balusters between the two sections.


Spring cramp                    A small adjustable clamp used to disassemble a lock by holding a spring in its compressed position, facilitating the removal of the spring or the component it pressed against.


Spur cock                           A cock shaped like a capital C in reverse; also known as a French cock. 


Spur trigger-guard         A trigger-guard having at its lower rear end an additional curved section for the middle finger, to aid gripping the pistol. 


Standing breech              (a) In a turn-off barrelled pistol - the breech that remains attached to the lock or stock after the barrel has been unscrewed.    (b) In a pistol with a ‘fixed’ barrel with a ‘hooked breech’ - the saddle that remains attached to the stock after the barrel has been unhooked.   




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